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A well-designed reminder for board meetings is a helpful instrument that can enhance the preparedness of participants, and increase the productivity and success in scheduled engagements. Reminders should be sent promptly and should clearly communicate important information about browse this site the meeting, such as the title of the meeting as well as the date and time, location or virtual platform and agenda. In addition, they should include a call-to-action encouraging attendees to confirm attendance or respond with any questions or concerns. A friendly tone and the use a professional reminder template will also increase accountability among participants and decrease the chance of omissions.

Start your email reminder by giving a an introduction that briefly reminds recipients the purpose of the meeting. This will make them feel valued and will prevent them from not attending the meeting because they didn’t remember or did not realize the importance. Make sure to keep your subject line brief and descriptive, as truncation will limit the amount of information you can communicate.

It is recommended to send reminders on a regular basis leading up to the meeting, ensuring that participants don’t forget or do not miss out. An initial reminder a week prior to the meeting is a good point to begin, followed by a follow-up on the day of the meeting. You may want to send a final message in the morning before the meeting especially if it’s crucial. A template for board meetings that automates the process could aid in reducing the burden and ensure everyone is reminded about the upcoming meeting regardless of their schedule.

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