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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights

  • Your Customs, Personal values, Religions / Beliefs and Dignity will be respected
  • Your personal privacy will be respected
  • In case of any problem our staff will always be available to assist you
  • We will provide equal care to everyone no personal discrimination at all
  • Your medical history & record is totally confidential will never shared with any one
  • You will receive truthful information at the time of admission & discharge
  • Shifa will always try to provide the safe healthcare environment to everyone
  • No one will force you to participate in any survey without your consent

Patient Responsibilities

  • You shall always respect hospital staff
  • You should always follow proper rules & regulation of hospital policy
  • You need to provide truthful information during admission & discharge
  • Submit your dues timely
  • Follow Doctors prescribed plan for quick recovery
  • Always cooperate with hospital management & staff