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The Intensive care unit ICU of Shifa International Hospital Faisalabad is equipped with all the latest devices to facilitate patients. ICU staff is highly trained, along with highly skilled professionals of the respiratory team to cater to the ill patients. In the ICU we provide compassionate & constant care to each patient with proper delegation to overcome their disease easily.

Best ICU services in Faisalabad:

The foundation of a hospital’s offerings are its ICU services. Shifa International Hospital is frequently shaped by the requirements or preferences of the hospital’s principal patients to turn it into a hub or central institution of the neighborhood or medical system. Our dedication to quality and patient safety has been further bolstered by the coveted PHC accreditation. Shifa International Hospital Faisalabad is a quaternary care hospital in Faisalabad with PHC accreditation that offers top-notch services in more than 20 medical and surgical disciplines. With the best ICU services in Faisalabad and a tertiary care facility, Shifa International Hospital Faisalabad strives to offer the best medical care possible to all patients in a compassionate and caring way by a superb team of healthcare experts in a setting that supports the practice of good medicine. Our dedication to high-quality healthcare extends beyond physical structures.

levels of services:

The levels of service that keep Shifa International Hospital Faisalabad operating are provided by several departments inside a hospital, including best ICU services, environmental services, equipment distribution, linens, biomedical/clinical engineering facilities, and many others. In order for hospital employees to give care and patients to receive treatment, all of these support services are required to keep the hospital operating. Additionally, there is a chance for these support services to spur operational development.

Precautions to reduce errors:

Medical errors cause 98,000 deaths annually in American hospitals, according to a health consumer association. To reduce the frequency of errors in medical and surgical procedures, many hospitals have recently implemented unique precautions. Hence, Shifa International Hospital Faisalabad has embraced two novel procedures. The frequency of incorrectly read prescriptions has been significantly reduced by computerized order entry for drugs. The use of critical care specialists, or intensivists, in the unit is the second innovation that lowers the amount of medical errors in intensive care units (ICU).

Best Private Hospital with Best Faculty:

Private hospitals typically offer more services and “high end” care than public or community hospitals.
As a best private hospital in Faisalabad and to provide cost-effective, good and high medical care to all patients ensuring the ethical practice of medicine.